Our opportunities to invest directly in institutional-quality multifamily real estate are called syndications. Simply put, a multifamily real estate syndication is a group investment where people pool their resources to purchase apartment communities that would otherwise be difficult to acquire as an individual. For each investment, we enter into a joint venture with our carefully selected operating partners, or sponsors, and these operating partners invest alongside us in the transaction.

Each investment is structured with a legally formed entity. As a passive investor, you will own an interest in the entity as a Limited Partner. Through this structure, passive investors have direct ownership in the multifamily property and receive the benefits of tax-efficient, passive income and equity appreciation of the asset.

Syndications allow you to earn an income without putting any time in managing the property. With the general partners doing all the work, from due diligence to property management, you won’t have to worry about a thing.


Cash Flow

Investors will receive passive income that is tax efficient via monthly or quarterly distributions while the asset appreciates and the equity grows.


As the asset business plan is executed, the property appreciates in value and increases the value of the investors’ equity interest. Upon a refinancing and/or sale of the property at the end of the business plan, a lump sum payout is received by the investors/Limited Partners.

Tax Advantages

Depreciation and other relevant tax laws offset the scheduled distributions and some of the gains over the life of the business plan. Consult a CPA or tax specialist regarding all tax related matters.

Less Risk

Even though you are a partner in a multi-million dollar asset, being a Limited Partner shields you from any loan liability and other legal issues that may come up with the property.



Surf Street RE cultivates deep relationships with numerous, best-in-class operating partners that specialize in acquiring, managing, and optimizing the properties. We scrutinize the deal sponsor from multiple angles to ensure there is a fit between the investor’s goals and the sponsor’s strategy. We analyze any fees to confirm our operating partner’s motivation is aligned with investors and the performance of the investment, and require our operating partners to co-invest in the equity of the deal and have “skin in the game.”

Investment opportunities are sourced through these relationships and vetted through a strict underwriting process. Investors benefit from exclusive access to deals and professional asset selection. We work with many different operators to provide immediate diversification in asset class and markets, but we won’t take every opportunity. We undertake a level of underwriting that is in addition to a deal sponsors’ own due diligence and they have to hit certain metrics for us to invest our capital.

Being invested with many different sponsors and learning how they operate, how they communicate, and how they track their investments can be overwhelming to a busy person. We provide one point of contact to handle all the investor relations and administration pieces for you, and oversight of day-to-day operations as well, at no cost.


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We look forward to helping you build passive income so you can have the time and flexibility to live an intentional life and grow long-term wealth to secure your future. Join our Investor List today to get started with passive multifamily real estate investing and achieve financial independence.